Bookmate App localization

Bookmate App localization


Services: written translation of updates, descriptions and legal documents.

Working languages: English, Danish, Spanish, Indonesian and Russian.

Industries: marketing, legal.

Timeframe: from 2015 to present.

Size: more than 10,000 words.

Team: 13 people, including six translators, five editors, and two project managers.


Bookmate is a well-known subscription service for reading e-books, and it offers the app with the largest library in many languages.

We began working together in February 2015, which was when Bookmate representatives contacted us.


In addition to legal documents, we translate promotional materials, updates, and the informational letters that go along with those updates. A key requirement has been the creativity that comes with moving away from literal translations. After all, books need to be easy to read, accessible from anywhere, and just plain old fascinating.

The fact that we are working with a mobile app also means that we have to stay within technical limitations (limits on string length, for instance, to make sure that nothing would spill over where it shouldn’t).


For this project we carefully selected translators and editors by weeding out anyone whose work was too literal.

Everyone involved has to work with supplementary materials that help illuminate the context in which texts are used.

Dream Industries

Founded in 2009, Dream Industries is a holding company that has founded projects like Bookmate; Zvooq, a music player; Unisound, an online audio advertising agency; T&P, a knowledge exchange platform; DI Telegraph, a multifunctional space; and


All Correct Translations is a division of the All Correct Group providing translation and interpreting in the oil and gas, chemical, automobile, IT, and other industries.

The All Correct Group, which is headquartered in Dublin, was founded in 2006. The production office is located in Samara (Russia). The guiding mission for All Correct Translations is to provide business clients with translations to and from Russian that are critical to their business processes and ready for use.

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