Consecutive interpreting at meetings “For respectable labor during preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup”

Consecutive interpreting at meetings “For respectable labor during preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup”

About the project

Services: consecutive interpreting.

Working languages: English and German.

Subject: construction, labor protection, general.

Timeline: October 28—30, 2014.

Work scope: 27 hours.

Project team: two interpreters and one project manager.


  • 35—40 participants.
  • Interpreting participant speeches.
  • Discussions and group work included in the event program.

General information

Quite a few people, including immigrants, will work on construction for the buildings used to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This event was set up to plan the strategy for the campaign entitled “For respectable labor during preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup,” and was attended by the Russian Builders Labor Union, the International Labour Organization, representatives of the Building and Wood Workers International, and representatives of labor unions in Tajikistan, Montenegro, and Serbia.

Project particulars

For this project we needed interpreters capable of working with the construction industry as well as with labor protection and unions. The unusual meeting format also necessitated the interpreters to be experienced in simultaneous interpreting.

Project management

It was not clear until the last minute whether representatives from Germany would be in attendance. Ultimately, it was confirmed that a German interpreter would be needed 24 hours before the event began, at which point ours were all busy working on other projects or were otherwise unavailable. We were very happy when Olga Lazareva, an interpreter with extensive experience both in simultaneous interpreting and the construction industry, got in touch on October 27 at 7:30 pm.

Russian Builders Labor Union

The union, which was set up to protect the rights of those working on construction and in manufacturing for building materials, is one of the oldest in Russia. Given the role it plays in developing and adopting regulatory legal acts while also standing up for the rights of each of its members, union representatives are constantly in negotiations with state agencies, employers, or its associations; signing contracts and collective bargaining agreements; and ensuring that those agreements are carried out.

The union keeps an eye on how labor law is enforced in the labor industry, also representing workers to government monitoring, oversight, and courts.

All Correct Translations

All Correct Translations is a division of the All Correct Group providing translation and interpreting in the oil and gas, chemical, automobile, IT, and other industries.
The All Correct Group, which is headquartered in Dublin, was founded in 2006. The production office is located in Samara (Russia). The guiding mission for All Correct Translations is to provide business clients with translations to and from Russian that are critical to their business processes and ready for use.
The All Correct Group helps develop translation and localization standards within the ISO, GALA, and IGDA, and is also a member of the Union of Translators of Russia and GALA.