CSI: Hidden Crimes – Russian Localization

CSI: Hidden Crimes – Russian Localization

About the project

Task: game localization.

Languages: English, Russian.

Game type: mobile (iOS and Android platforms).

Timeframe: from December 2014.

Volume: 44,500 words.

Team: 1 project manager, 1 translator, 1 editor.

About the Game

The plot of this hidden-object game is based on the popular television series C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation. In each new episode, the player visits a crime scene to search for clues and track down the criminal. Since the series’s plot unfolds in the USA, the game contains many references to US culture. Some episodes are timed to coincide with major US holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc.) and familiarize the player with national traditions. For this reason, items and culture-specific concepts can often be found in the text which are ordinary for Americans, but little known to the Russian audience. This necessitates a descriptive translation. In addition, each new episode is unique in its own way and requires the translator to become an expert in one sphere or another – from art to taxidermy. And that isn’t counting the enormous number of forensic and medical terms in each update of CSI: Hidden Crimes.

Working Process

One challenge for us is that the texts for translation come in variously sized batches. For example, one month All Correct could be tasked to translate four episodes. Next month, it would only be one. Once we had to translate five episodes in just three days! Since each episode contains roughly 4000-4500 words, we have a special team attached to the project that can begin working on the text at a moment’s notice.

Fortunately, Ubisoft is very careful when it comes to preparing the lockit, and also sends All Correct images of new items so that our experts can select the correct options when translating ambiguous words. The developers also provide a presentation of the episode containing a description of the plot and new characters, along with graphical materials. Naturally, sometimes text is patched in. In these cases, the team has to work ‘blindfolded’, relying on logic and previous texts alone. After receiving key materials, a stage of correcting inaccuracies in the translation always follows.


  • irregular and non-uniform tasks,
  • working with highly technical terms,
  • importance of descriptive translation for words conveying meanings unknown to most players,
  • periodic delays on supporting materials.

About Ubisoft Entertainment

The French company Ubisoft Entertainment (previously Ubi Soft) develops and publishes computer games, and is one of the largest contenders in the European market. The company has studios in over twenty countries, including Russia, Canada, Spain, China, the USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and Italy (their main office is in Montreuil, France). The company has a huge number of successful games under its belt. Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Rayman, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, The Crew, Heroes of Might and Magic – this is only a few of Ubisoft’s legendary projects.

About All Correct Games

All Correct Games is a division of All Correct Group which provides translation, voiceovers, localization testing and video game localization.

All Correct Games works with the majority of Russian developers and publishers, along with major international game publishers. The company has localized over three hundred and fifty games and tested over one hundred. All Correct Games constantly works in over twenty language pairs, partners with six recording studios and tests games on various platforms (iOS, Android and PC). All projects are carried out by native speakers of the target translation language with advanced linguistic skills.