Documentation translation and layout for auto part testing equipment

Documentation translation and layout for auto part testing equipment


Services: written translation and layout.

Languages: English, German, Italian, and Russian.

Industry: automotive industry.

Timeline: from August 2014 to December 2014.

Work scope: 900,000 characters (approximately 500 pages) and over 200 images.

Project team: 16 people (project manager, nine translators, two layout specialists, three editors, and one managing editor).

General information

Marposs, an Italian company leading the world in high-precision industrial equipment, joined forces with Russian car manufacturers, driving the company’s need to translate their technical documentation. All Correct specialists handled the project from beginning to end, translating the documentation and manuals for the equipment Marposs delivered to AvtoVAZ. The project totaled approximately 500 pages.

The main difficulty facing those translating the documentation for the project was the necessity of delving into all the finer points of the complex, high-precision equipment while dealing with texts that were already themselves translations. Regular contact with the client was maintained to overcome that problem.

Project particulars

The Marposs translation project included a number of tricky areas:

  1. The original was a translation from Italian into English performed by Italian engineers. That led to linguistic errors, making it difficult to understand the text at points.
  2. Some files included all of English, German, and Italian.
  3. Special terminology was used (automotive industry and robotics as well as gauging benches and calibration machines).
  4. A language barrier appeared when dealing with some of the client’s contacts.

While overcoming those obstacles was not easy, we built quality communication with the client, asked for the Italian originals, and brought in native Italian translators. We also asked for the accompanying drawings and schematics that were not included in the files to be translated in order to better understand the text.

Project management

Glossaries were created for the project that standardized the complex terms in use across all the different files. We also brought in an outside editor to evaluate the quality of the translation before submitting it to the client, something that helped us identify and correct inaccuracies.

Some files were subject to short deadlines, though the team was able to maintain our high level of quality via strong preparation beforehand and smart load management between the team members.

All Correct Translations selected translators for the project using the company’s standard testing procedure. Each candidate submitted a test translation put together using previous projects in the auto industry and robotics, after which a recognized industry expert evaluated their work and determined their command of the subject matter, subject terminology, and general translation skills.

The company spent September and October 2014 putting together a team of ten translators proficient in work of this nature (nine primary translators and one in reserve). The HR department took on the lion’s share of the work looking for and testing candidates.

Dear Lilia…many, many thanks for the translations and for the speed! You are the best!

Fabio Piantoni


Marposs was founded in 1952 by Mario Possati, and has since been manufacturing standard and specialized industrial systems for gauging and monitoring the dimensions, geometry, and quality of processed components.

Today the Marposs Group boasts 2,700 employees around the world.

Marposs holds to all quality assurance standards and continually works to perfect the methods and procedures by which is develops, manufactures, analyzes, inspects, and supports its products and services. That philosophy has pushed the company to become the world leader in gauging equipment, as it offers its clients a combination of cutting-edge products, market knowledge, and long-term partnerships.

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