Site Localization for Agropark Management

Site Localization for Agropark Management

About the project

Service: site localization.

Working languages: English and Russian.

Industry: agriculture.

Timeline: May 24, 2010 to July 6, 2010.

Work scope: approximately 37,500 words.

Project team: 12 people (seven translators, two editors, and two native language editors).

General information

In 2011 All Correct received an order from Agropark Management, an agricultural company, to localize the site for Selskie Prostory, part of the innovative and promising Novaya Derevnya program.

The project centered around the creation of modern agricultural complexes that would include 140 mini farms; meat-processing and dairy factories; feed mills; and 100 comfortable, furnished homes. It was important to attract young people, which is why Novaya Derevnya includes medical institutions, a school, a kindergarten, and shopping centers.

Construction is ongoing in Ulyanovsk Oblast (village Aleksandrovka) and Tatarstan.

Because the project is predicated on the use of European equipment and technology while also bringing in foreign specialists for regular training sessions, the managing company’s site needed an English version for its European partners.

It took two weeks to fully localize the site.

Project particulars

We always take site localizations very seriously, understanding perfectly well how crucial a strong translation is to the company’s reputation and subsequent success on the global market.

The key difficulty with the Selskie Prostory site was its agricultural terminology. Our translator familiarized himself with the terms directly on the site to be localized and using third-party resources, while we brought in a native English speaker experienced in the agricultural industry to edit the work.

As it so happens, involving native speakers who can edit highly specialized texts is crucial for site localization. We always look at the sites we localize from the end reader’s point of view.

Project management

Four people contributed to the Selskie Prostory localization: the translator, the editor, the managing editor, and the project manager.

We recruited the translator using All Correct’s standard procedure. The editor was chosen based on the fact that he was a native English speaker and had experience working with the agricultural industry.

Agropark Management

Agropark Management was formed in 2009 based in Ulyanovsk, while the company’s main office is in Samara. Yury Shevchenko serves as its general director and also got the ball rolling on the Novaya Derevnya project, which is currently underway in Ulyanovsk Oblast and Tatarstan.

All Correct Translations

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