Localizing the Volgaburmash site

Localizing the Volgaburmash site

About the project

Service: site localization.

Working languages: Russian, French, and Spanish.

Industry: engineering.

Timeline: one month (November 2012).

Work volume: about 27 pages.

Project team: two translators, two native-speaking editors, and a project manager.

General information

Volgaburmash is one of the largest drilling bit producers, exporting to more than 40 countries. Its continued success necessitated translating the company’s corporate site into French and Spanish, for which they contacted All Correct.

The site includes general information, product descriptions (drilling bits, boring heads, etc.), and information for investors.

The client sent text from the site as Word files, so that program was used for the entire job. Project objectives were then put together that encapsulated all the client’s needs, including an instruction to transliterate all letter-based product designations.

Project management

Our company had never come across the subject of drilling bits before, so we got started selecting translators as we always do: we combed our database looking for specialists who had worked in geology or focused on that field, drew up a test to check their knowledge, and assigned those who passed to the project.

Russian translators took care of the translations into French and Spanish, while their work was then edited by native speakers. That model was selected to best cope with the complex, technical work at hand.

The translators, editors, and project managers worked with memoQ’s server version and its TM, something that drove uniformity in terminology use and cut costs for the client. We were able to calculate repetitions in the text (out of the 26.71 pages, 3.57 were repetitions) and save money for the client by offering a discount.


Volgaburmash is one of the largest companies manufacturing rock-breaking tools, having been founded in May 1948 by order of the Ministry of Oil Industry.

The company currently produces over 1000 types of roller bits (74.6mm to 660.4mm) for the oil and gas industry and more than 80 standard sizes of mining rock bits (130.2mm to 393.7mm), as well as over 350 types of PDC bits (83mm to 444.5mm), boring heads, stabilizers, and calibrators. Exports cover more than 40 countries around the world.

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