Application Localization: Tour Guide, by the Tour Guide Company

Application Localization: Tour Guide, by the Tour Guide Company

About the Project

Services: application localization.

Working Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese.

Type: mobile application (iOS, Android).

Timeframe: from August to December 2015.

Size: around 1,000 words.

Team: 6 translators, 6 editors, 1 project manager.

General Information

Tour Guide is an application useful for active travelers and people who recently moved to another country. It is a catalog of real tour guides interested in hosting tours. You can select a city, preferred tour language, type (walking or motorized) and a date of the tour. Registered guides receive notifications about new applications, and, if the offer interests them, they contact the user. All that remains is to choose the guide that meets your requirements.

Project Management

Work on localizing the application was completed in two stages: initially the text was translated into English, then into five other European languages. In spite of the fact that the application did not contain much text, the translators and editors put plenty of time into the work. It was important to accurately translate the interface and terminology, and correctly translate city names as well as the date and time format for each language. Otherwise the developer could have incurred serious losses due to errors in the localization.

Project Characteristics

  • Two-stage localization: first into English, then into five other European languages.
  • Precision and unambiguity in the translation of terminology and interface.
  • Requirements to localize the map and names of settlements.

Tour Guide

The Tour Guide company develops a specialized service for finding private tour (and other) guides all over the world. Tour Guide is a mobile application and website that supports 7 languages. The system allows users to find a guide in the right city with the right language skills.


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