Translating a drug description for Samaramedprom

Translating a drug description for Samaramedprom

About the project

Services: written translation and layout.

Working languages: English, Simplified Chinese, and Russian.

Industry: medicine.

Timeline: November 29, 2011, to December 6, 2011.

Work scope: 26 pages.

Project team: project manager, one translator, and one editor.

Project particulars

The goal was to translate the description for a drug used to treat venous diseases. Because it was written in English by a non-native author, there was a strong chance it included lexical and grammatical errors right off the bat.

Project management

Our unrelenting drive for quality necessitated first handing the text over to a native speaker for editing before getting started with the translation process.

The text’s professional style was preserved by transliterating business names (to minimize misinterpretation by lawyers down the road) as well as all letter notations for devices, documents, table headings, figures, appendices, and more. While abbreviations, on the other hand and for the most part, were substituted for their equivalents in the target languages, new ones were coined and included in the glossary for future use where that was not possible.

The entire project, including the layout work that accompanied the translation, was completed within the tight, eight-day deadline it was assigned.


Samaramedprom was founded in 1993 at the initiative of the Samara Oblast administration to provide those living in the area with low-cost and in-demand pharmaceuticals.

The company’s primary mission is to produce and sell high-quality medicine and disinfectants at a reasonable price, pushing for the best ratio of price to quality it can deliver.

Samaramedprom is currently experiencing dynamic growth that has seen its sales volumes push ever higher. It delivers to major pharmacy chains in addition to quite a few pharmaceutical wholesalers both locally and around the country.

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