Translating a gastroenterology text

Translating a gastroenterology text

About the project

Services: written translation and layout.

Working languages: English and Russian.

Industry: medicine.

Timeline: three working days.

Work volume: about eight pages.

Project team: project manager, one translator, and one editor.

General information

Implozia contacted us looking to have a gastroenterology-related text translated. In the interests of maximizing quality and matching their existing documentation, they also provided us with a style guide.

Project particulars

The goal was to translate a gastroenterology text that covered inulin characteristics pulled from a monograph listing food chemicals. One important thing we had to keep in mind was that the text was an official document set to be submitted to state registration agencies.

Project management

We brought on a translator with a medical degree who specialized in pharmaceuticals for this particular project. Beyond just the subject matter itself, however, the translator and editor had to be mindful of the guidelines laid out by state registration agencies.

The abbreviations we came across in the text were replaced by their equivalent in the target language or spelled out where that was not possible.

Trademarks were written in the original language and transliterated, in keeping with legal norms for professional organizations.

In the end, the client did not have a single complaint about the quality of our work, as it matched the objective perfectly.

Implozia Discount System

Implozia was founded back in 1991 to meet several market needs, though management later made the decision to focus on the pharmacy business. While Samara was city zero for the new discount system, the company’s cards are currently in use by over 100 partner organizations spread across the Volga, Central, Siberian, Ural, and Southern Federal Districts. Pharmacies who join enjoy access to the latest software, marketing technology, and management technology available, boosting their sales and bottom lines.

The Implozia Discount System is regularly among the five largest pharmacy chains in Russia according to a variety of research firms.

All Correct Translations

All Correct Translations is a division of the All Correct Group providing translation and interpreting in the oil and gas, chemical, automobile, IT, and other industries.
The All Correct Group, which is headquartered in Dublin, was founded in 2006. The production office is located in Samara (Russia). The guiding mission for All Correct Translations is to provide business clients with translations to and from Russian that are critical to their business processes and ready for use.
The All Correct Group helps develop translation and localization standards within the ISO, GALA, and IGDA, and is also a member of the Union of Translators of Russia and GALA.