Written book translation Essential Kanban Condensed

Written book translation Essential Kanban Condensed


Task: written translation of a book.

Languages: English, Russian.

Timeframe: 10 working days.

Size: 15,350 words.

Team: 1 project manager and 2 translators.


  • professional terminology
  • translation of a scientific text in such a way as to make it accessible to everyone


ScrumTrek first contacted us in November 2016. Since then, we’ve taken part in the translation of a book and several articles, and we very much hope that many more interesting collaborative projects with ScrumTrek await us in the future.


This time we had an interesting task before us: to translate a short manual on the kanban method by David J. Anderson and Andy Carmichael. Our company knows firsthand how important it is these days to possess various methods of optimizing production and to use them to increase effectiveness. The kanban method is one of the elements of lean manufacturing, and it can come in useful to practically any company. It’s a method of managing development that realizes the principle of “right on time” and encourages an equal distribution of workload between workers.

When translating material like this, it’s important to pay attention to a few key aspects: precision in conveying the thoughts, ideas, and positions of the author; ease of comprehension for an uninitiated user; and preservation of the scientific style and specialist terminology in the original.

Project Management

To successfully deal with the task before us, we first selected candidates from our database of potential contractors, taking into account their experience in translating scientific literature. Another important selection criteria was knowledge of the principles of lean manufacturing and the kanban method. The selected candidates underwent a field-specific test in these subjects, and we chose two translators to take part in the project based on the test results.

The next stage was to formulate a glossary and confirm it with the client. It was thanks to the client’s active participation that we were able to write up a glossary that served as a solid base for the rest of the work.

We assessed the quality and correct usage of the terms from the glossary while working on the translation.

Our responsibility in the project extended only to translating the text (the client decided to edit it themselves), but we tried to complete our work to the best quality we could. To achieve this, we consolidated and cross-checked the text after the translation has been completed.

Although no editors were involved in the project, we were able to complete the project to a high quality and within the deadline, all thanks to the correct distribution of roles and organization of the process in memoQ.


ScrumTrek was founded in 2007 and began as a company that implemented the Scrum Agile framework. Now it provides a full range of services to improve processes: coaching and consultation during implementation, courses on engineering practices and requirements management, and tool development for organizing software development (DevProm). The company has a school that helps workers develop their skills and gain new qualifications.


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