Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear friends and colleagues! We have decided to continue our tradition in the year of 2018, and so we will be wishing you happy holidays with an interactive educational card one more time. In 2017, we taught you how a cock-a-doodle-do would sound in 12 languages, and in the coming year we will show you what the dogs from different countries sound like.

Following the last year’s tradition, our translators contributed to the making of this card.

We would also like to gift you with these Telegram Christmas stickers. We hope this wonderful smiley doggie will bring joy to your family and friends :)

This is our Russian dog called Shoobah. She might not look like the Yellow Earth Dog, but she is still very dear to our hearts. We wanted to direct your attention to the issue of animal homelessness in 2018, and so we made gifts related to Shoobah’s real-life adventures. (Spoiler alert: this story has a happy ending!)

Shoobah was found on Christmas Day 2012. We were visiting my parents, and I went out for some groceries. I had barely walked halfway down the street, and there she was, a small, fluffy pup lying by the roadside. She was too weak to even whimper. I wrapped her up in a bag and took her to the nearest vet where she was diagnosed with a fracture and dislocation of the humerus, heavy bruising, and a life-threatening worm infestation. I looked for a host family for about five days, then talked with my wife, and we decided to take the puppy in. We named her Shoobah (Russian for a fur coat!), because she is very fluffy. Soon, she recovered and started playing chase with our cat Thomas – you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near them when they did! In March 2016, we moved to Ireland. We found a house just outside Dublin, then arranged for Shoobah to be shipped over. She didn’t recognize us at first, but then she sniffed us and started yipping, it was very, very touching. Now, she runs around Ireland’s emerald fields, playing with hedgehogs, swans, herons, and ducks. But chasing rabbits on the university campus is what she likes doing most. And once, she spotted some deer in a park nearby – man, she almost burst with excitement, I could barely hold on to her! Honestly, she’s a crazy dog, even though we had her trained and everything. Total nuts. But very cute and a great friend too.

This is a true story that happened to Demid Tishin, one of Allcorrect’s founders. If you liked Shoobah’s story, share these Telegram stickers as well as our holiday greetings with your friends to inspire them to do good deeds. Perhaps after reading this story, one of them will decide to give a home to one of our four-legged friends, and the world will become a better place.

The Allcorrect team