Localization Testing

After a piece of software, an application or a game is localized, there’s still more work to be done on it – localization testing (sometimes called linguistic quality assurance). This service allows users to enjoy a high quality localization of your game rather than a mash of letters.

The texts are uploaded into the program after the full lockit is translated. It is important to check whether they have imported correctly and are displayed properly. Do windows, buttons or other UI elements overlap? Are there untranslated segments? How well does the text correspond to what the user sees on the screen? And of course, there shouldn’t be any spelling, grammar or other mistakes!



You can order several types of localization testing from our company:

  • Software localization testing.
  • Mobile application localization testing on the iOS and Android platforms.
  • Website localization testing.
  • Game localization testing (you can find out more about this type of testing on our website).


We provide localization testing services in 20 languages and can offer you:

  • Full localization testing.
  • Cosmetic testing.

You can order any localization testing service we offer and receive a free consultation on each of them by calling us at +353 85 2153557.


  • Significant experience. We have participated in the testing of over 100 applications with a total testing time of almost 30,000 hours.
  • Our testing quality is 99.9%*. This is possible thanks to smooth testing processes and the coordinated work of our team of 2 managers, 45 native speaking testers and 20 Russian speaking testers with high linguistic competencies.
  • We use multiple bug tracking systems: JIRA, Redmine and others. We test on the iOS and Android platforms and on PC emulators. We support testing in 20 languages.
  • Cost-effectiveness. As a rule, software undergoes no more than 3 cycles of localization testing, which allows you to reduce the budget required for testing.
  • We offer testing both by native speakers of the target language and Russian testers well acquainted with the target language.

* Call us at +353 85 2153557 for more detailed information about our services.