Mobile App Localization

Our company has gained extensive experience in localizing mobile applications. Don’t limit your application’s market to just one country – get it out to people all over the world, and we’ll make sure they can understand it.



Full Localization Cycle

We offer our clients a complete cycle of localization and related services. We can offer you:

  • Mobile app localization.
  • Localization testing for iOS and Android apps.
  • Professional voiceover services for game apps and video clips.
  • Writing and translation services for marketing texts.
  • Translation for all the accompanying parts of your app: notifications, pop-up hints and so on.

Localization Types

You can also order mobile app translation and adaptation from us individually:

  • App interface localization.
  • Accompanying text localization: references, descriptions, manuals etc.

You can order several types of localization from us and receive a free consultation on each of them by calling us at
+353 85 2153557.

Localization Languages

As of now, we can offer app localization for multiple language pairs:

  • Russian ↔ English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese.
  • English ↔ French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, Polish and others.
  • French, German → English.
  • Localization in other language pair combinations.

Have doubts that we’re the right company for you? Call us at +353 85 2153557 and we’ll find a solution to your problem!

Our Advantages

  • Extensive experience. We have localized over 300 applications and tested over 100.
  • 99.9%* localization quality. This is possible thanks to our finely tuned localization workflow and the harmonious work of our team of 5 managers and 45 native speakers.
  • Full cycle of multi-language localization Localization in over 23 language pairs; 6 partner voiceover studios; testing for the iOS, Android and PC platforms by native speakers or Russian-speaking testers with high linguistic competencies.
  • We can translate and deliver urgent marketing texts within one hour.
  • When you order an app localization from us, we’ll translate related marketing texts without a markup for urgency.
  • We work with whichever file formats are most convenient for you: .doc(x), .xls(x), .txt, .html, xml, .po, .ttx, .itd and so on.

* You can get more detailed information about our services by calling us at +353 85 2153557.