Simultaneous Interpreting

When you’re sitting back listening to gorgeous music written by the likes of Mozart, Bach, or Beethoven, you don’t think about how many instruments are playing at the same time. You just enjoy the overall effect. Regardless, music wouldn’t be as beautiful and harmonic if the director didn’t keep the violins, pianos, trumpets, and other instruments on the same page.

All Correct is a director bringing together a harmonic community even when you and your partner are speaking in different languages.



Simultaneous interpreting for events

You can order a simultaneous interpreter from us for official events such as:

  • International conferences.
  • High-level meetings with foreign partners.
  • Press conferences.

Types of simultaneous interpreting

We can offer a variety of simultaneous interpreting types depending on your needs:

  • Simultaneous interpreting with specialized equipment.
  • Whispered simultaneous interpreting, which is when the interpreter is next to you without any special tools.

If your needs don’t fall under any of those descriptions, give us a call at +353 85 2153557 and we’ll figure it out.


English, of course, is the most requested language for simultaneous interpreting. Beyond the Russian–English pair, however, you can also order:

  • French–Russian simultaneous interpreting.
  • German–Russian simultaneous interpreting.
  • Japanese–Russian simultaneous interpreting.
  • Chinese–Russian simultaneous interpreting.
  • Other language pairs by request.

The art of simultaneous interpreting

We’ll be honest with you: top-notch simultaneous interpreters are few and far between due to the skill their trade requires. At first glance it may seem like all one would need is command of two languages. In reality there are other, equally important skills involved:

  • Knowledge of the topic at hand.
  • General knowledge.
  • Fast reaction times.
  • Ability to handle stress.
  • Resourcefulness.
  • Public speaking ability.

Simultaneous interpreters who combine all those qualities are worth their weight in gold. Sadly, there are very few of them. On the other hand, we know many of them personally.

If you need interpretation in a different language, call us at +353 85 2153557.

Ordering a simultaneous interpreter

  • Call us at +353 85 2153557 to learn more about our prices and timelines.
  • Confirm the objectives and specifications for the simultaneous interpretation by filling out a form that we’ll send you that includes a description of all the requirements and technical issues involved.
  • Confirm our estimate via email and agree to the terms of the quote or sign a service agreement with us.
  • Send the prepayment to the account listed in the agreement or pay at one of our offices using cash, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, etc.

Why work with us:

  • The quality of our simultaneous interpreting is provided by the best interpreters in Samara and Russia, two of which we “raised” ourselves.
  • Our significant experience comes from how often we are asked to provide our services, something that allows us to both hone our tradecraft and gain familiarity with all the varyingly equipped conference halls in Samara.
  • We use only reliable, quality equipment made in Europe and Russia with which we are thoroughly familiar. We also take the time to set up our equipment ourselves before each event, testing it directly with the interpreter and resolving technical difficulties. Equipment setup and testing takes no more than three hours. You can also contact us directly if you need to rent equipment for simultaneous translation.
  • We take a responsible approach to each and every project. Successful simultaneous interpreting depends on how well prepared the interpreter is. The earlier our interpreters know what the meeting topic is, the more accurate the interpretation will be. We plan and select specialists several weeks before events. But even if you find out on a Friday that you have an important meeting with foreign colleagues the following Monday, don’t worry: we will prep the specialists and facility over the weekend. This isn’t our first rodeo.

We have a manager for each project ready with an answer for all your questions and capable of handling anything that might arise.

A reliable company is reliable even when it comes to the little things. You won’t have to look for our interpreter among everyone else at the meeting, as they all wear our company tag.

Learn more about our services by calling us at +353 85 2153557.