Freelance Vacancies

We offer all our freelancers the software they will need: licensed versions of CAT tools.

Free educational events are held on a regular basis for our freelancers. Working with us also includes access to the instructions our company has developed, which can be downloaded at the link below.

The relationships we build with our freelancers are based on public contracts (offers).

Please send your CV to

Getting paid

All Correct does its best to make its payment procedure as simple and transparent as possible.

We compile statistics for work done every month based on the data in our accounting program and send them to each individual freelancer, who then check to make sure it matches their personal numbers in keeping with the instructions we provide.

Payment is made within 5—10 business days of when the statistics are confirmed.

You can find freelance openings on our site, on, and on

You are also welcome to email us at to let us know how our HR managers are doing.

Instructions for Contractors