Jelastic cloud service interface localization: from English to Dutch

Jelastic cloud service interface localization: from English to Dutch

About the Project

Services: software localization.

Working languages: English, Dutch.

Software type: cloud hosting.

Timeline: 8 working days in March 2013.

Size: 5,511 words for translation.

Team: 4 people, including 1 translator, 1 project manager, 1 editor and 1 reviewer.

Project characteristics: translation and editing of Jelastic’s control panel.

General Information

Jelastic is a next-generation cloud platform for Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, NodeJS and .NET applications.

In 2013, the Jelastic company contacted All Correct with a request to translate elements of their program’s interface from English into Dutch.

Project Specifics

We had the task of working with elements of an unfamiliar program’s interface. By agreement with the customer, we registered on their temporary resource in order to give the team working on the project as good an understanding about the product as possible.

The source text was in the JavaScript format, and the customer asked us to pay attention to the markup and tags, for example: %(domain) or %(fileName). There was a need to carefully ensure that the tags and space marks were distributed properly and to deliver the translation in the same format as the original. The interface’s text also contained numerous terms that had to be left untranslated. This was a special requirement from the client.

Project Management

To complete the translation, we had to select and test a team. In the end, we chose native Dutch speakers with the knowledge and experience required for the project. One of them did the translation and the other reviewed and edited it. On the whole, the review results were positive for the translator, and the reviewer made only small changes in the translated text.

Throughout the project, we actively communicated with the client, as the translator had questions and requests for context. Although we had temporary access to the program, some of its elements nonetheless required additional clarification to prevent inconsistencies or contradictions in the translation of terms.

Once the translation was finished, the text was assigned to an in-house editor to review the file’s structure, fonts and punctuation. Then the text was sent to the Dutch reviewer to check through.

Customer Feedback

Seems like a difficult task and a good job if you had to do this with little context! :)



Jelastic is a cloud-based hosting platform for new and already existing Java applications.

It is a next-generation cloud-based PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) which provides developers with the ability to concentrate on creating their application without having to worry about purchasing a server; creating an environment; configuring an operating system; setting up an application server, databases or revision control systems; or handling other administrative tasks. Jelastic provides access to all of this in just a few clicks.


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