Game Localization

Game localization is an excellent opportunity to break into new markets. But to make your costs worth it, you need to be certain that players in other countries will accept your game with open arms. So why not make sure that they don’t even notice that the game is localized? We’ll prove that this is possible: in any language, your games will be accepted as if they were native if you trust us with their adaptation. You develop and perfect your projects – we help you spread them all over the world.




We offer our clients a full game localization cycle. Services we offer:

  • Game localization.
  • Localization testing for PC, iOS and Android games.
  • Professional voiceovers for game applications and video clips.
  • Writing and translation for marketing texts.
  • Translation for all the additional elements of your game: notifications, pop-up hints and so on.
  • Cultural adaptation including redesigning images.

You can find more detailed information about our game localization services on the All Correct Games website or call our managers at +353 85 2153557.


We offer multiple types of localization:

  • Online game localization.
  • PC game localization.
  • Console game localization.
  • Mobile game localization.
  • Social network game localization.
  • Multi-platform game localization.
  • Game website localization.
  • Accompanying text localization: manuals, descriptions, reference materials and so on.

You can order multiple types of localization on the All Correct Games website or call our managers at
+353 85 2153557.


We can currently offer app localization in multiple language pairs:

  • Russian ↔ English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese.
  • English↔ French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, Polish and more.
  • French, German → English.
  • Other language pair combinations.

Doubt that we can help you? Call us at +353 85 2153557 and we’ll find a solution to your problem!


Significant experience. We have participated in the localization of over 350 games and the testing of over 100 games.

  • Our localization quality is 99.9%*. This is possible thanks to smooth localization processes and the cooperative work of our team of 5 managers and 45 native speaking translators.
  • Full multi-language localization cycle. Localization in over 23 language pairs; 6 partner recording studios; testing on the iOS, Android and РС platforms by native speakers or Russian speaking testers with high linguistic competencies.
  • We translate urgent marketing materials within an hour.
  • When you order game localization from us, we translate your game’s marketing texts without additional charges for urgency.
  • We work with the file formats convenient to you: DOC(X), XLS(X), TXT, HTML, XML, PO, TTX, ITD and so on.

Game Localization

* Go to the All Correct Games website or call our managers at +353 85 2153557 for more detailed information.