Megapolis – Localization into 11 Languages

Megapolis – Localization into 11 Languages

About the Project

Tasks: game localization (main text and updates), localization testing, support for the in-game community on forums.

Languages: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic.

Game type: social, online, mobile.

Timeframe: from November 2012.

Volume: 3,897,212 words.

Team: 1 project manager, 24 translators, 11 editors (native speakers of foreign languages) and 3 in-house editors.

About the Game

The game Megapolis is one of the most popular economic strategy games in over twenty countries. Every day, over a million users visit the game and it has a total of 20 million players (of which 90% are non-Russian). Megapolis is available on the social networks VKontakte and Facebook, and can be played on iOS and Android devices.

In 2012, Social Quantum, the developer of Megapolis, made the decision to export their game to the markets of twenty countries. All Correct took on the job of localizing the game.

The All Correct team had to complete a full localization of Megapolis, in addition to providing localization testing and support for the game’s audience in eleven languages. To do this, it was necessary to organize effective interaction between the client and the translators. When the game’s main text was localized, we were given the task of supporting all the game’s versions and translating updates and marketing materials.

The game is developed in Russian and then translated into English. Later on it is translated from English into the other localization languages.

Localizing the Main Text

The first task given to the All Correct team was checking the quality of the translation already provided by another localization service. The texts were in German, English, Spanish, French and Brazilian Portuguese. The experts from All Correct identified a number of semantic, grammatical and stylistic errors and recommended the customer to improve the translation quality.

We first edited the English text and then corrected the translations in the other languages. After this, translation was started for the Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish and Arabic versions. As with most projects, particularly those of a similar size, All Correct developed a detailed technical specification and agreed on it with the client. It contained all the primary translation requirements. The specification allowed the entire large team from various corners of the globe to stick to one style, finalize their work correctly and observe the customer’s other special requirements. The technical specification changes over time, in order to respond to new linguistic tendencies and to current changes in the game mechanics.

Localization Testing

At first, the game was tested twice per week – before each update. Depending on the specifics of the task, All Correct employed both Russian experts with knowledge of foreign languages and native speakers of the language. This work was performed for two years. When the mechanisms of translating and integrating the texts into the game began to work like clockwork, our experts stopped finding errors and the customer stopped the testing process.

Game Community Support

  1. Answering questions that players ask on the forum. All Correct’s experts answered all kinds of questions about the game in all the localization languages. The customer stopped this process after two years of operation.
  2. Working with errors found by players. Social Quantum gives users the opportunity to identify errors in the localization – the player uses a special form to do this and attaches a screenshot. If the user is correct about the error (this happens in only five cases out of a hundred), they receive a reward in the form of in-game currency. All Correct’s task is to check such messages once per month and correct any errors found. This system remains active to this day.

Localizing Updates

All Correct receives new texts practically every week. The average volume of a single update amounts to 2,000 words for translation and 5,000 words for editing.

If the text is less than 500 words long, the customer gets the translation back that same day. If the volume is greater, the translation is done by the next day.

Working Process

Several times per week, the project manager receives texts of various sizes in Russian. The tasks are presented in the Redmine project management system and contain the attached file, a list of required languages for translation and comments. The manager accepts the task and changes its status. The original file from the client is a document in the XLSX format, with each language in its own column. These texts are loaded into memoQ – a professional translation software with translation memory technology.

Translators from various countries work in this system using the program’s numerous functions, specifically its translation memory and terminology database functions, which help save time during translating similar lines (for example, typical functional phrases) and ensures consistency in terminology (the names of locations, items, achievements, functional buttons, etc.). Both the translators and editors have round-the-clock access to the server and can begin working as soon as they receive a notification from the project manager.

After this, the finished translations are downloaded from the program into a file that is attached to the original task and sent to the customer. At the same time, the project manager changes the task’s status and it is sent back to the customer’s representative responsible for integrating the localized texts into the game.

Customer on the Game

Megapolis is a social game that is widely popular on the international market. This city builder has many fans in no small part thanks to its high-quality localizations in 10 foreign languages. The volume of source text translated by All Correct has exceeded 100,000 words.

About Social Quantum

Social Quantum publishes and develops game applications. They are one of the most successful companies in their industry and are at the same time very young – the company was founded in 2009. Since then, it has opened seven studios in the CIS and Eastern Europe, which employs over five hundred people.

Around fifty million users enjoy Social Quantum’s game applications, which receive roughly five million visits per day. The company’s products occupy leading positions on Russian and South Korean social networks, and Social Quantum itself is among the top 20 best game developers on Facebook.

About All Correct Games

All Correct Games is a division of All Correct Group which provides translation, voiceovers, localization testing and video game localization.

All Correct Games works with the majority of Russian developers and publishers, not to mention with large international game publishers as well. The company has localized over three hundred and fifty and tested over one hundred games. All Correct Games constantly works with over twenty language pairs, partners with six recording studios and tests games on various platforms (iOS, Android and PC). All projects are carried out by native speakers of the target language with advanced linguistic skills.