Written Translation for OSIsoft

Written Translation for OSIsoft

О проекте

Услуги: written translation, voice-over.

Working languages: Russian and English.

Industry: IT.

Timeline: 2012–2015.

Work scope: translate over 700 pages and provide voice-overs for more than 20 videos.

Project team: project manager, three translators, three editors, and a layout specialist.

General information

In 2012 OSIsoft had a lofty target in their sites: expanding the share of MES system sales in Russia from 5% to 10% of the company’s overall numbers within three years. OSIsoft Russia was launched in Moscow to handle expansion into the Russian market, with the mother company providing marketing materials that included articles, presentations, booklets, pamphlets, and videos. The Russian company also needed its legal documentation translated.

After looking for a reliable supplier capable of handling its particular needs, OSIsoft Russia settled on All Correct.

Project particulars

OSIsoft Russia needed its agreements and marketing materials, including articles, presentations, booklets, pamphlets, and video scripts, to be translated and laid out. While the documents rarely exceeded 20 pages in length, the client’s primary concern was quality (notwithstanding the occasional urgent order).

From time to time the company also needed Russian voiceovers for its videos.

The marketing materials and videos were aimed at potential OSIsoft clients and featured the company’s product: the PI System.

The client agreed to the font types, sizes, and colors included in the layout for each booklet and pamphlet as well as name usage and other design nuances.

Project management

We selected translators with related experience or education in the automation field, each of whom was required to pass an IT-related test.

Before launching the first project we put together a set of objectives that listed all of the project requirements and submitted it to the client for approval. With a few outlying exceptions, that process was repeated for each subsequent project.

The client generally gives feedback after each assignment, something that allows us to fine-tune future work and improve the running glossary we keep for the project.

The client has its own requirements for actor voices, and so we work with four separate recording studios to provide voice-overs. Voice samples are submitted before beginning work with the actor preferred by the client.

We do all our translations using memoQ’s server version, something that allows us to maintain high quality standards and keep to the terminology requested by our clients.


OSIsoft™ (USA), founded in 1980, develops and sells the PI System™, software used by companies in the energy, oil and gas, chemical, metallurgy, and processing industries as well as utilities, data centers, and much more across 110 different countries.

The PI System has grown throughout its many years of existence to become the corporate standard for building IT infrastructure to manage data and events in real time.

All Correct Translations

All Correct Translations is a division of the All Correct Group providing translation and interpreting in the oil and gas, chemical, automobile, IT, and other industries.
The All Correct Group, which is headquartered in Dublin, was founded in 2006. The production office is located in Samara (Russia). The guiding mission for All Correct Translations is to provide business clients with translations to and from Russian that are critical to their business processes and ready for use.
The All Correct Group helps develop translation and localization standards within the ISO, GALA, and IGDA, and is also a member of the Union of Translators of Russia and GALA.