Translating for Panasonic

Translating for Panasonic


Service: translation and layout.

Working languages: English and Russian.

Industries: technical, electronics, marketing.

Timeframe: 2012 to present.

Work volume: around 90,000 words (360 pages).

Project team: 11 people (two project managers, five translators, two editors and two layout specialists).


Back in 2012 Panasonic contacted us looking to translate some advertising booklets, informational articles, and equipment manuals. We set out to build a team with a thorough knowledge of technical style and experience translating advertising materials. That team is still working on the project to this day.


The specialists working on the project had to dive into how the equipment itself works and fully grasp all the ins and outs of the various technical texts we were asked to translate. That meant occasionally checking in with the client to make sure we understood exactly what they needed to say.

Some translations were rushed, though we were able to avoid sacrificing quality by making sure the team was ready ahead of time and deftly sharing the load between them.

Layout was a particularly tricky issue, as the client used profile programs like InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. They also needed help with desktop publishing.


Our company has worked on many technical and advertising projects — this is far from our first rodeo. We started off by testing translators with experience in the fields in question, only moving forward when we were satisfied that we had found the cream of the crop.

Occasionally our translators come to us with questions related to the equipment we translate for. We pass those questions on to the client and have always enjoyed detailed, timely answers that help us find equivalent terms and produce accurate translations. The project deals exclusively with English to Russian translations and is overseen by an in-house editor.

Once we had a chance to look over the layout for the materials the client sent us, we put together a special test assignment. That helped us select the layout specialists best suited for this project in particular. We ultimately brought in two specialists, and they are responsible for both ensuring that our translations match the originals exactly and getting them ready to be printed. But that isn’t the half of it: the brochures the client sends us feature tables densely packed with technical information about the equipment. Needless to say, Russian translations take up more space than their English originals. Our specialists have had to find a delicate balance between fitting all the text into the tables while maintaining their overall size. That has complicated life for our translators and editors as well: they, in turn, have sometimes been asked to find the balance between the length of a translation and how clear it is to the reader. Our editors also have to look over texts a second time before we send them in to make sure that nothing was missed during the layout stage. Ultimately, it has been thanks to the teamwork and professionalism of everyone working on the project that we have been able to handle everything thrown at us.

The translators, editors, and project managers work with memoQ and its TM, something that drives uniformity in terminology use and cuts costs for the client.


We have spent the last few years working with All Correct on highly technical translations of varying complexity, and can say that their approach has been equal parts professional and transparent. No matter the project, they give us realistic estimates and stick to them, something that helps us keep our translation processes on schedule. We would like to thank the All Correct team for their professionalism, their complete focus on meeting our needs, and the timeliness with which they do everything we ask them to.


Founded in 1918, Panasonic is a global leader in electronics manufacturing. They deliver innovative products, system solutions, and services for users as well as the manufacturing sector, improving life in areas as wide-reaching as transportation, housing, communications, manufacturing, travel, and more.


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